Outlook won’t download email. Keeps saying “need password” but will not prompt for it.

I found this in the Microsoft Forums:


Then about half way down, I found this:

anear  replied to  Satoshi Nishimura

‎Apr 15 2019 10:44 AM

@Satoshi Nishimura wrote:

Hi @Muhammad Ali Khan,

In my case, removing my Office 365 account from “Access work or school” (Settings > Accounts > Access work or school) on Windows 10 solved that issue. Then, I connected my Office 365 account again, it worked.

Thank you so much! We’ve seen a pretty sizable influx of this issue over the past few weeks and this has worked without fail for us. You are a lifesaver.

That did it, Microsoft Office 365 got confused between a personal and work accounts.

Problem is solved!

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