How to reset a windows password without a reset disc.

There is a nice article in this month’s PCWorld magazine by Justin Phelps about a trick/hack to reset a windows password.  This is sometimes necessary when repairing a windows installation and the original admin password is unknown.

It involves replacing the Sticky Keys file (Sethc.exe) with the Windows Command Prompt (Cmd.exe). Then call for the Sticky Key function with shift key (5 times) at the password prompt and use the ‘net user username password’ command.

Here is another article about the trick from

– Tom McKay

Outlook kb2553248 causes smart card error or provide your password error

A recent Microsoft Outlook update kb2553248 causes one or both of the following connection errors with Outlook connecting to onsite exchange servers.

other posts on the issue:


For now, uninstall the update and block ( or “hide” the update in windows update) to solve the problem.




Disable comments on wordpress

Sorry, but I had to diable comments on my wordpress site due to spammers constantly trying to post “buy facebook fans” and such.  I don’t know if people can earn a living spamming wordpress sites, but they keep trying.

I used a plugin called “disable comments”, and that did it in seconds! Otherwise you have to edit php files all over the place.

If you have this problem on wordpress check it out at:


Going live…

Going live… I am putting up the new WordPress site now with the Flexibility theme and Exclude Pages plugin.

New website.

We are excited about our new Word Press based website. Our old site was built on Adobe Flash which made it difficult to modify and not visible on many mobile devices. This change will also bring new blogging abilities.

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