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NMT Online Backup

NMT Online Backup


We are excited to announce our own cost effective & secure online backup to Microsoft’s cloud storage with redundancy in multiple data centers.

Get a reliable disaster recovery plan where you can see your companies data in the cloud and actually afford to back up everything up daily. If your server fails, you could even fire up the backup copy as a virtual server in the cloud.

Get daily graphical reports of the status of your backups so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Call us for more info at 916-966-6440.

Exchange – Display other user’s Contacts as an Address Book

I have been struggling with this for weeks. In small companies, typically the boss’s contacts are the companies contacts that need to be shared. For some reason this is not simple with Exchange Server anymore.

The downside of this method it that the entire mail structure (inbox and all) from the boss’s mailbox will be shared. So that means zero privacy! Ask first.

I found this article at Slipstick.com which I trust for Outlook and Exchange issues. http://www.slipstick.com/outlook/contacts/display-other-contacts-in-address-book/#displayother

This got the job done, but it needed an update.

1. Create a new Outlook profile (in Control Panel | Mail) with the other user’s (boss’s) mailbox.

2. Open outlook. Right-click the other user’s Contacts folder, choose Properties and verify that on the Outlook Address Book tab the Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book is checked. Under the Name of the address book, change the displayname to something like Joe’s Contacts.

3. Close Outlook.

4. In Control Panel | Mail bring up the properties for the new profile you created in Step 1. In the E-mail Accounts tab add the Exchange main mailbox (employee’s) and click the up arrow to bring that account to the top of the list and then verify that it is checked as default.

exchange with shared contacts









5. Restart Outlook, using the new profile again. The Exchange profiles in the folder pane in the left of the Outlook window will have the Mailboxes in the wrong order. Simply drag the primary mailbox (employee’s) to the top, above the secondary (boss’s).

6. Be sure to set the new profile to be the default in Control Panel | Mail.

I found the Windows 8 Start menu (kinda).

In trying out Windows 8 preview, I will admit that I have been struggling with the loss of the Start Menu from the last six or so versions of Microsoft Windows®.

If you hit the Windows key on the keyboard to bring up the Metro Start screen and then start typing the name of the program you are searching for such as “PDF”, Windows 8 will bring up a list of programs (and Windows apps) with names that start with PDF. I you do not see what you are looking for, then hit the Esc(ape) key to bring up every program installed with folder name grouping similar to the old Windows Start menu.

Microsoft kills SBS and Windows Home Server

The news is out and Microsoft is killing Windows SBS Standard and Premium as well as Home Server.  The only server offering remaining in this area is Windows Server 2012 Essentials which is a replacement for Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. The change will leave a giant hole for either small businesses that want the mail server on site or small businesses over or approaching the 25 user limit built into the Essentials product.

For more details from the Home Server front check out http://www.wegotserved.com/2012/07/05/microsoft-draws-windows-home-server-era-close/ .

From the SBS side check out http://www.winsupersite.com/blog/supersite-blog-39/windows-server/windows-server-2012-skus-revealed-143615

and http://channelnomics.com/2012/07/05/microsoft-kills-sbs-windows-server-2012/.

We use Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials for most of our clients anyway, but I am concerned that Microsoft is trying to force their Office365 on the small busineses, whether it is the right product or not.  There are other cloud based exchange servers and other onsite Exchange compatible mail services out there like Kerio.

How to reset a windows password without a reset disc.

There is a nice article in this month’s PCWorld magazine by Justin Phelps about a trick/hack to reset a windows password.  This is sometimes necessary when repairing a windows installation and the original admin password is unknown.


It involves replacing the Sticky Keys file (Sethc.exe) with the Windows Command Prompt (Cmd.exe). Then call for the Sticky Key function with shift key (5 times) at the password prompt and use the ‘net user username password’ command.

Here is another article about the trick from 4sysops.com


– Tom McKay

Outlook kb2553248 causes smart card error or provide your password error

A recent Microsoft Outlook update kb2553248 causes one or both of the following connection errors with Outlook connecting to onsite exchange servers.

other posts on the issue:





For now, uninstall the update and block ( or “hide” the update in windows update) to solve the problem.




Disable comments on wordpress

Sorry, but I had to diable comments on my wordpress site due to spammers constantly trying to post “buy facebook fans” and such.  I don’t know if people can earn a living spamming wordpress sites, but they keep trying.

I used a plugin called “disable comments”, and that did it in seconds! Otherwise you have to edit php files all over the place.

If you have this problem on wordpress check it out at:



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