I am trying out my first wireless charger for my new awesome HTC Droid DNA android phone which I will write up at a later date.  Wireless charging is a great plan, just lay down you phone on the pad and it charges. No more fussing with  trying to plug in the USB connector.  The Droid DNA makes this espescially important because the USB carging port is behind a little door, that you will either have to break off from the phone or futz with it every time you want to charge the phone.






I have two problems with this wireless charging solution:

1) Why doesn’t anybody make wireless charges for your car.  You could just set in the console of your car, and it would always be charged up.

2) This Wireless Charging Pad WCP-700 beeps every time it starts or starts charging. Sometimes it cycles on and off four times within a couple of minutes.  When the charger is by your bed, this is awful.








Does anybody know circuit boards well enough to know where the speaker is on this board, so I can remove it? If so please shoot me a message at info at nmtechno dot com .